Texas Aquatic Harvesting
Texas Aquatic Harvesting
Texas Aquatic Harvesting
Texas Aquatic Harvesting

Harvesting & Waterway Maintenance


Improving habitat in lakes, ponds and rivers for fish and wildlife through mechanical harvesting of problematic aquatic plants, floating tussocks and debris is our main priority. Native and exotic aquatic vegetation often becomes problematic. Mechanical removal (harvesting) often means extracting these problems with in-lake large mechanical harvesters and depositing the removed material on the uplands, thus leaving the project area a much improved fish and wildlife habitat.

Lakes, rivers and canals often include areas where trash, rubbish or other “man influenced” debris have accumulated and blocked flow, navigation and/or created undesirable habitat.  In addition to manual removal, mechanical harvesters can be utilized to remove debris and improve aesthetics, flow, fish & wildlife habitat and/or navigation.

TAH provides an environmentally safe method of removing aquatic vegetation. Various state agencies throughout Florida have contracted with TAH in the past as we continue to prove to be an asset in controlling the aquatic weed problems.  TAH has participated in the removal of tussocks, mud islands, muck from lake bottoms, canal widening, clearing and general maintenance of lakes, water bodies and surrounding areas. We have also performed the replanting of desirable vegetation where fish and natural lake wildlife can spawn.

The size and capabilities of our machines have allowed TAH to specialize in the removal of floating islands and tussocks.  Our harvesters are capable of handling even the heaviest muck, trees and vegetation. And, with load capacities ranging from 10 to 15 tons, these harvesters can move five to six times more material than smaller machines. They also have the capability to push acres of tussocks closer to the disposal sites for a quicker and more efficient removal of vegetation.

Primary Services

  • Aquatic Plant Harvesting

    (i.e., Water Hyacinth, Hydrilla)

  • Canal Cleaning & Dredging

    load capacities ranging from 10 to 15 tons

  • Weed Control

    environmentally safe methods

  • Muck and Tree Removal

    capable of handling the heaviest muck, trees and vegetation

  • Emergency Debris Removal

    blocked flow, navigation and/or undesirable habitat

  • Aquatic Enhancement

    improve aesthetics, flow, fish & wildlife habitat

  • Management

    of Lakes, Ponds, Wetlands and Fisheries

  • Marine & Aquatic Construction

    Seawalls, Docks, Piers, Boat Houses, Boat Ramps, Boat Lifts, Navigational Aide Markers with Nesting Boxes, Channel Markers, Day Beacons, Battered Dolphins, Tuff Boom Insulation

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Texas Aquatic Harvesting


From design to fabrication and modification, our team can handle any and all of your needs.

Equipment Sales

We buy harvesters and sell both new and pre-owned equipment.