Texas Aquatic Harvesting
Texas Aquatic Harvesting
Texas Aquatic Harvesting
Texas Aquatic Harvesting

Our Equipment

TAH owns and manufactures an assortment of harvesting equipment – in size from 20 ft. to 90 ft. – to meet a wide variety of needs for aquatic weed control:

  • Harvesters
  • Shore Conveyors
  • Airboats
  • “Cookie Cutters”
  • Drag Line Cranes
  • Floating barges
  • Track Hoes
  • Bulldozers
  • Dump trucks
  • Pumps
  • Specialty Dredging Tools (for land clearing and dewatering of lakes, ponds etc.)

All of our machines can harvest both submersed and floating plants. Our smaller aquatic weed harvesters are well suited for canal and clean up work.

When dumpsites are not allowed on the body of water being cleaned, shore conveyors are used. Shore conveyors enable the vegetation to be off-loaded onto a dump truck and the debris removed to a designated dumpsite.

TAH also has the “Cookie Cutter” and the “Tiger Cut.” These unique machines chop their way through extremely dense vegetation.

Kelpin Harvester Specs and Information:

  • The Kelpin Harvesters are readily able to float, move and maneuver in all types of water bodies, including rivers, lakes and canals.
  • Capable of mechanical cutting, loading, and unloading both bottom-rooted and floating types of aquatic vegetation, as well as floating islands and tussocks.
  • Designed for ease of operation with the console located in a position that gives maximum visibility to the operator.
  • Equipped with three-toothed cutter bars and a conveyor belt.
  • Split-paddle wheels at the rear of the boat; independently operated and used for steering, stopping or turning.
  • The hydraulic rake moves piles of vegetation to the rear of the barge or front for off-loading. The rake slightly compresses bulk loads.
  • Cut vegetation is transferred onto the pontoon barge by the front conveyor, which is also used for unloading by raising it up and reversing the conveyors.
  • Operate more efficiently than the other harvesters largely due to their size, simple designs and carrying capacities.

Watch the Tiger Cut in action!

Texas Aquatic Harvesting

Watch the Harvester in action!

Texas Aquatic Harvesting


From design to fabrication and modification, our team can handle any and all of your needs.

Equipment Sales

We buy harvesters and sell both new and pre-owned equipment.